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The Intruders: Bobby Starr, Glenn Montgomery, Philip Gay, Larry Williams  

Philly Soul legends the Intruders  features Glen Montgomery, Larry Williams, and Phillip Gaye of Philadelphia;  and lead singer Bobby
Starr of Baltimore MD. Their signature sound has intruded the hearts of audiences world-wide for more than thirty years.  
Formed on the street corners of  
Philadelphia in early 1960, this unique vocal
quartet has recorded a string of RnB and pop
hits including; "Cowboys to Girls", "Together",
"Baby I'm lonely", the collector's classic "Girl
Scoutin'", and the Mothers Day anthem "I'll
always love my mama". The Intruder
soul-style and distinctive sound  mirrors the
life experiences and struggles of young men
and women. As one of the "Gamble and Huff
"record labels  first signings, they were
honored with many gold records and  a star
on the "Walk of Fame" on Broad street in
Philadelphia.  Today the Intruders continue to
record and perform their smooth harmonies
and classic choreography  internationally,
and are recognized as one of Philadelphia's
best live attractions.  
The Intruders: "When We Get Married" Album (1970)
Bobby Starr,   Big Sonny,   Phil   &   Bird
An Exclusive Full  Interview with Bobby Starr appears in R&B Showcase Magazine
(Excerpts below)

R&B: How did you become a member of the Intruders?
Bobby Starr: "Little Sonny, Big Sonny, Phil & Bird were The Intruders first.  As time went on Mr. Samuel Brown, better
known as Little Sonny left to spend time with his family.  I had previously met the guys while on tour with my group,  and
they asked if I would be interested in joining their  group.  I said sure.  We met up, had a few rehearsals and it worked out
pretty good.  I've been on it ever since and I really enjoy it."

R&B: What was it like performing "Cowboys To Girls"  as lead singer with The Intruders on "Soul Train"?
Bobby Starr: "We did 'Soul Train' before they even went to California.  They had this big old piece of carboard to act as a
train while they pushed it across the stage as we sang.  That was way back.  Then we did another episode when they went
to California.  Those were great experiences to watch the dancers.  They would be there all day, change clothes and do four
or five different shows in one day.  It was enoyable."

R&B: Are there any new recording projects for Bobby Starr and The Intruders in the works?  
Bobby Starr: "We have a song I wrote called 'How Long Has It Been?' and Phil Gay wrote 'Talking About Pop'. We are also in
the studio now working on something brand new."