The 'One of a Kind' Sound of
The Spinners
The Spinners are one of the finest recording groups in the history of American Popular
music.  The mention of their name brings to mind the smooth soul of the 1970s, first-class
showmanship, lush orchestrations, a golden tenor, silk midtone, too cool baritone,
charismatic lead and the signature 12:45 bass.  With a legacy that spans more than 50
years, and includes a plethora of gold and platinum recordings, an R&B Foundation
Induction, Grammy nominations and a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, even today the
Spinners are still highly regarded ambassadors of soul.
"We developed our track record when we met Thom Bell at Atlantic.  It ws the perfect marriage
and that's where we had our biggest success."
 Bobby Smith (Interview 2009)

The group borrows their name from the Spinners hubcap, and were first singned to Harvey Fuqua's Tri-Phi Records.  
The label was soon absorbed by Berry Gordy's Motown Records.  Charter members Pervis Jackson, Bobby Smith &
Henry Fabrough collaboratively recreate the group's history from Motown to their hit-making tenure at Atlantic
records.  The interview by  R&B Showcase Magazine corespondent Tim Marshall appears in  "The Spinners Issue" of
the entertainment quarterly.