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"All Sides"                 LMNT
Purple Leopard/Atlantic records (Debut)   list price $11.99
Atlantic records premiere vocal group LMNT have stepped into the musical spotlight with their debut album "All Sides".  
Versatile vocalist Ikaika Kahoano, soulful baritone Bryan Chan, and traditional  bass singer Mike Miller are alumni from the first
season of MTV's "Making the Band".  Joined by youthful song stylist Jonas Persch,  this most  energetic and exciting vocal
ensemble is presently on tour promoting selections like the disc opener, a ready for Pop Radio  "Girl Crazy".
   As if "Juliet" wasn't enough, there's plenty of sophisticated and classy young ladies attending their shows to keep the fellas
"Girl Crazy" every day of the week, twice on Sunday , and for many years to come.  "The Best" has single potential and features
a co-lead with Jonas and the most seasoned voice of the multi-cultural quartet

   After my first, second and third listening of this CD I "Forgot to Forget" cut #5.  A mid-tempo smooth groove capturing at
mid-way the accapella vocal passion of Ikaika Kahoano who obviously had his favorite lady in mind when crooning this cut.  
Jonas delivers a broken heart attack on verse two, and is even more convincing when performing it live.  Bryan Chan and Mike
Miller hold the key to the harmony blending so effortlessly on this superb sounding well written tune.

  " Shangri La" adds variety to the album and they're  still holding down those harmonies.  "Keep(in) it Coming", and droppin'
the beat on this dancefloor summer jam, and "Hold me Down", remind us that all that glitters aint gold, don't beleive everything
your told-LMNT is no "Boy Band".  They have a true talent that is missing from many of their cookie cutter contemporaries.  "It's
your love" sends a shock right through me.  The Bryan Chan penned "Running Home" is a fan club favorite that would really
bring it on home with a Chan Man style production.  Yes and again to fully appreciate these talented personalities you must
witness their stylishly choreographed steps to make the Temptations proud performances.  They really deliver an "Amazing
Grace", which should have been cut 12.  Give yourself the "Greatest Gift" and get "All Sides" of LMNT.