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MTV's Top Pop Group
Climax Entertainment's Premiere Contemporary R&B vocal group Ju-Taun features the four part harmonies of Jake Evans, Peter
Garcia, Samoeun Cheng and Jamie Evans.  The South Jersey high school harmonizers officially formed Ju-Taun in the spring of 1999.  
Their sound is a fusion of Hip-hop influenced R&B and vintage Soul. Ju-Taun toured the independent music circuit selling more than
50,000 copies of their debut CD. They have performed with a variety of legendary and current recording artists including The
Temptations, Chris Brown, Ashanti, Jagged Edge, 112, and L.L. Cool J. Their highly-regarded concert appearances include the "Ebony
Family Reunion Tour" and the " BET 2009 College Tour."  Ju-Taun gained national exposure as finalists on MTV's "Top Pop Group."  
They were voted Billboard Magazine's "Top 10 New R&B Artists" and "Best Male R&B Vocal Group" in 2009 at the "Underground
Music Awards" in New York. Their brilliant cover of Enchanment's "Sunshine" and the original track  "Go Slow" are favorites among
listeners to R&B Showcase radio show. Their most recent release is "Love Changes Things."  
Ju-Taun Interview
Excellence Is Not Their Goal; It's Their Standard.  - Ju-taun defines their sound.
Jamie Evans:
"We take a lot of pride in harmony. That is something we've been working on since we started.  It's been our main focus
as a group to have good harmony that's blended well.  We all study music and know music theory."

R&B: Who are some of the pioneer recording artists that have influenced you?

Jamie Evans: "First of all our father has been our mentor musically.  He has always pointed us in the right direction of
artists to listen to. To name a few, I would say Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Take Six, Boyz II
Men  and Bob Marley."

Jake Evans: "We are together so much and we all like the same people. Mainly I would say Marvin Gaye sticks out for me
in regards to the feeling that he brought to the music.  He captured the emotion in everything he sang. That is
something that we definitely try to bring across when we perform any song."

Peter Garcia: "I would say Jake and James dad, the funkmaster himself.  Everytime we had to accomplish something
vocally, he would go in to that bag of singers and songs and say listen to this.  If I had to do a nice falsetto part, he
would tell me to listen to Phil Bailey or listen to Eddie from the Tempts."

Samoeun Cheng: "I second everything that they have said."