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In the early 1970's Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes were signed to Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff's
"Sound Of Philadelphia" record label. The group consited of Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin,
Lloyd Parks, Bernie Wilson and Lawerence Brown. The act broke through on the R&B charts with
the track "I Miss You" featuring Lloyd Parks soaring falsetto intro, and Pendergrass soul drenched
lead. Parks reflects on his induction into the group.

"Harold was in the group when they were just called The Blue Notes.  He called me to come to their
rehearsal and asked me if I wanted to get in the group. I said 'sure'.  Then he asked me  what I
wanted to do about the Epsilons.  I said 'Well you know what; you move up, you get older, and you
move on.'  The Epsilons broke up after I left.  Harold really wanted John Whitehead at first, the guy
that wrote most of our songs.  Whitehead didn't want to leave McFadden and the rest of the guys.  I
told them good luck, and I'm just going to try something different.  So I ended up getting with The
Blue Notes and at the same time Teddy joined the group.  Teddy was the drummer then.  We both
went to Edison High School located at Eighth & Lehigh."     

The success of the reformed Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes debut track  paved the way for a
collection of Gold and Platinum classics that includes "The Love I Lost," "Bad Luck," "Wake Up
Everybody," and the Grammy-Nominated "If You Don't Know Me By Now."  

"There were so many good songs but we never thought we could make such a big impact.  We knew
we had talent, dancing and singing.  All of that came in to play and for some reason we just took off."

"If You Don't Know Me By Now" was an R&B chart topper and the group's biggest Billboard Pop hit at
Number three in 1972.  The song was covered by a host of artists including English group Simply
Red who took it to No. 1 in 1989.   The Blue Notes hits continued and following the "Wake Up
Everybody" album Teddy Pendergrass departed the lineup for a highly successful solo career.
David Ebo and later Gil Saunders stepped in as  lead for Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes.     
Lloyd Parks, Lawerence Brown and Bernie Wilson continued as The Blue Notes and added John
Atkins and Ali Ollie Woodson to the lineup.  They recorded a few singles for the "Fantasy" label in
the 1970's.  Today the Blue Notes continue to perform their legendary Sound of Philadelphia hits.