The Blue Method - Best Live Act
Philadelphia Power Soul band The Blue Method was formed in 2001 by
musicians Mike Patriarcha and Tom Long. They were introduced to
throwback vocalist Brian Williams by a mutual friend and soon aquired the
services of drummer Theron Shelton, and bassist Rah Sungee.

The Blue Method's commanding stage presence can be credited to acquiring
musicians who continuously perfect their craft.  The well polished sax man
Tom Long talks about his formal training.

"I went to the University of The Arts on Broad Street in Philly.  I received my
Degree in Jazz Performance in 2002.  I got to play with Joey Defransisco and
took lessons from Lenny Pickett of The Tower of Power.  I listen to a lot of
Old School Soul, Classic Rock, and of course Jazz."

Group leader Mike Patriarca  refers to his biggest influences.  "Guitar wise
it's probably 95% a lot of the Blues guys.  Alot of unknowns like Jimmy Nolan,
James Brown's guitar player, and Prince who is probably the best rhythm
guitar player ever, and he is on point with his leads too."  

The groups songwriting comes about collaboratively as lead singer Brain
Williams elaborates. "When I first joined the band, some of the first songs
were songs that I had alredy written.  So they just put the music to it.  
Between then and now, a lot of it has been riff oriented.  Some one would
come up with an idea, and we'll work that part and make it something, and
then build a song around that part.  The pendulum is starting to swing back
now where one or two guys will work on a song before it gets to the other
members. It's all a process".  

Their first album was "Kill The Music, Vol I", and combined the elements of  
Funk, Jazz, and Soul in the style of Sly & The Family Stone, Tower of Power,
and Earth, Wind & Fire.  The well received project garnered airplay with the
soulful single "Something Devine."  The elaborate horn arrangements and
command performance lead vocals earned the group openning slots for the
likes of  Soulive, Chick Corea, and John Legend.   Blue Method was named
"Best New Act" in 2005 by the Home Grown Music Network.  Their dubut
independent release has sold more than 7,000 copies.